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About Hunnybums nappies

Hello, I'm Nicola Plair.

After working in various administration/accounting roles for 18 years I finally decided to have a family..... My daughter Jessica-Leigh was born in 2011 and after being adamant I would use reusable nappies, I found a pack of Flexitots birth to potty kit for half price and I was all ready for my little girl to arrive.... that soon all went completely out of the window when she arrived a tiny 3lb15oz..... the nappies I had purchased were suitable from about 8lb..... Disposables were all I could reach for as I was unaware of what else to use. Eventually I managed to use my beautiful cloth nappies.... and we just didn't get on with them, we had leaks galore.

I went on to have my son Alfie in 2013 he was tiny also but not as tiny, I eventually decided to give the cloth nappies a go when he was just a few months old, we have never looked back since. I now know that not all babies suit all nappies. Jessica-Leigh was most probably just the wrong shape for type I had brought. Had I known this I would have brought a wider variety.

I came across an advert in March 2014 on Facebook for the sale of an online business selling cloth nappies. I emailed back and forth with the founder Lucy Hunn and it just felt like it was right for me to give it my best shot.....

Then in April 2014 Hunnybums had a new owner :) I cant thank Lucy enough for giving me this fantastic opportunity and I just really hope I do not let her down.

So that you can choose how much information you want to look at, each nappy has:

Finally, there's even a 'Personal Shopper' with 4 simple questions to help you choose the right nappy for you - and no Gok Wan in sight!

There are also general information guides on all aspects of reusables to be found in the 'Hive of Information'.

It's basically a nappy demo in the comfort of your own home at your own pace - you can even wear your pyjamas!

So enjoy having a look around and we'd love to know what you think -

The Cumbria Real Nappy Campaign

We also accept vouchers for the Cumbria Real Nappy Campaign. If you sign up to take part in the campaign Cumbria County Council will give you a voucher to the value of £30 (for a first time applicant with one child) with a minimum spend of £45 when redeemed, or a £45 voucher (for a first time applicant with twins) with a minimum spend of £67.50 when redeemed.

You will only be eligible for a voucher if you meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • You are a Cumbrian resident (i.e. your main home is in Cumbria)
  • You are pregnant OR you have a child (or twins) under 6 months old
  • You have NOT previously applied for a voucher

So that�s even more money saved!

See website for more details about the campaign.