Nappy Myths

Nappy Myths

It's really difficult & hard work

Apart from a couple of extra loads of washing a week, there is no extra work - you'll be doing loads of washing anyway! And modern real nappies do not need to be soaked, scrubbed or boiled - just wash on normal 40 degree cycle.

They're expensive

Each set of reusables can save you around �1500 per child.

They leak

So do disposables if left on for too long - the right reusable will last through the night.

There is no environmental difference between disposables and reusables

Research has shown that disposables use 3.5 times more energy and 2.3 times more waste water, not to mention the landfill.

Disposables are disposable

8 million disposables are thrown into landfill daily in the UK. The average disposable nappy is made from over 95% extruded plastic and each disposable takes 500 years to degrade - the originals are still with us!

You have to be an expert in Origami

Modern reusables are shaped just like disposables - not a nappy pin in sight.

You have to become an eco-warrior earth mother

Just using one reusable nappy per day will save 13 bin bags of waste a year - it doesn't have to be all or nothing.