New to Reusables?

1. Choosing the right level of information for you

So that you can choose how much information you want to look at, each nappy has:

  • Its own product page with a quick overview and 'Bottom Line' summary
  • A more detailed pdf guide which you can view (or download and print out if you prefer)
  • A video guide showing all the steps you need to use the nappy

There's even a 'Personal Shopper' with 4 simple questions to help you choose the right nappy for you - and no Gok Wan in sight!

There are also general information guides on all aspects of reusables to be found in the 'Hive of Information'. It's basically a nappy demo in the comfort of your own home at your own pace - you can even wear your pyjamas!

So enjoy having a look around and we'd love to know what you think -

2. What will we need?

  • 20-24 nappies & 5-6 wraps (unless using an 'all-in-one' type)
  • Accessory kit
  • Sanitiser
  • Liners (flushed away with the 'poo')

3. What does it involve?

  • Having a feel-good glow from doing the right thing for your baby's future
  • After the initial stage a couple of extra washes a week

4. What does it cost?

  • A lot less than disposables
  • Not the Earth!
  • Expect to pay �300-400 for everything you need for the first child versus �1500-1800 for disposables. Remember, your reusables can usually be used on a second child too!

5. What different types are there?

  • Terry toweling is still available & a very economic option but more fiddly - not ideal at 3am
  • Modern reusables are shaped just like disposables so much easier to use
  • Essentially, they come as one-size, 'birth-to-potty', which are adjustable or sized which come in 2 or 3 sizes for the 'perfect fit'
  • Also, there are 3 styles: 2-part (with a waterproof wrap), 'pocket' (with absorbent inserts) or 'all-in-one' (the simplest of all)

6. What materials are there?

  • Fleece - a synthetic material which is very quick drying but not as absorbent as other materials. Microfleece often used as a 'stay-dry' layer inside the nappy.
  • Microfibre - a synthetic fibre made from polyester - very absorbent & quick drying.
  • Bamboo - a good environmental choice - ultra absorbent (60% more than cotton) & green but slow to dry naturally.
  • Hemp - excellent green credentials and ultra absorbent like bamboo - less bulky but takes even longer to dry.
  • Cotton - a compromise between microfibre & bamboo/hemp - a natural material with good absorbency and relatively quick dry time but requires a lot of pesticides and fertiliser to grow unless organic.

7. Which nappy should I choose?

Not sure which nappy is right for you? We have the different choices cleary explained in our Which nappy to choose Information sheet, and on our 'How to...' video guide

8. What size nappy does my baby need?

Most nappies are sized due to a baby's weight. If you're unsure of this, you can use our estimator chart to help you find out what size nappy is most suitable.

9. How do I wash reusable nappies?

Not sure how to wash reusable nappies? All is clearly explained on our 'How to...' video guide to washing.