Pop-in by Close Parent - New GenV2 - Bamboo

Price: 16.50

Nappy Type

All-In-One with Pop-in Inserts
Fabric Synthetic & Natural Blend Bamboo
Fastening Hook & Loop
Sizes Onesize
Drytime Bamboo Slower than Minky but can be poppered out for quicker drying
Waterproof Cover Integral the inserts are poppered in
Country of Origin UK Company, manufactured to high ethical standards in China


Ease of use -

Absorbency -

Dry time -      

Bulkiness -     



Bottom Line: The new generation Pop-in V2 is such a fantastic nappy - it is incredibly popular and with good reason. It is really flexible as there are removable soaker and booster pads - highly absorbent bamboo, as well as an optional night time booster. It has leg gussets which are unusual in all-in-one nappies and means that containment is second to none. There are some gorgeous colours and patterns to choose from too! We really can't recommend this nappy enough and there are some great value multipacks to save you even more money! There have been a few changes in the new generation, a new clever washing tab is hidden behind the pocket away from baby, the elastic at the back of the soaker has been removed to speed up drying. Whilst the back poppers have been replaced with tap poppers, for improved comfort.Other small modifications to the elastic & sizing provides a softer & more flexible fit on baby at all ages & stages. Hunnybums verdict - very reliable, good value, lovely colours/patterns, flexible fabric options - we LOVE this nappy!