Car Seat Protector by Close Parent

Price: 7.50

An easy way to protect your car seat or pushchair from all the surprises your little one may have in store!
The fast wicking fleece insert will make light work of any unexpected accidents, keeping the seat dry even if baby's bottom isn't!
Waterproof, fast-wicking, machine washable, stain-resistant
Easy to fit - compatible with most car seats. 
Size = 31cm x 41cm

Bottom Line: Never again will you have to worry about all the bits and pieces that seem to thrive and multiply at the bottom of the seat - just take out the seat protector and shake out all those crumbs - good as new. Great when potty training too - no need to wash the whole car seat cover - just the fleece insert!We're all in favour of anything that makes life easier here at Hunnybums HQ - this gets a big thumbs up from us!