Motherease Air Flow Wrap

Price: 8.95

One of the most popular nappy wraps - the ultimate in reliability - a nappy cover you can really depend on!
With poppers at the waist and legs, this cover has an air ventilation system between the poppers maximising air circulation as the baby moves - this reduces the risk of bacteria by keeping the temperature of the nappy down
The most breathable nappy cover by far - if you're worried about the air gaps producing leaks, don't be - this cover is very very reliable!


XS 6-12lbs (2.75-5.5kg) (this is a little slimmer than the small size - only suitable for newborn nappies such as the PopnGro Super Softee)

S 6-12lbs (2.75-5.5kg)

M 10-20lbs (4.5-9kg)

L 20-35lbs (9-16kg)

XL 35-45lbs+ (16-20kg+)

Probably not suitable for use over pre-folds and non-fastening nappies (although it has been done!) as there are no legs gussets. It is best for shaped/fitted nappies
Can look a bit 'puffy' in comparison to the slimmer velcro wraps but this wrap is sooo good, you won't care! It really is the gold standard of nappy covers!

Bottom Line: The absolute best wrap for containment and air flow, this cover will not let you down! Child-proof poppers mean it should be resistant to those little fingers. We can't recommend this wrap enough!