Real Nappy 'Help!' pack

Price: 45.00

Would you like to dip your toe into the cloth nappy water? Feeling a little nervous? We have the solution!

The Hunnybums Help pack is a great way to try out the different types of nappy to see which suits you best


1x Baba+Boo Classic nappy 

1x Bamboozle Stretch

1x Motherease Airflow Wrap (popper fastening) OR 1x Flexiwrap (hook & loop fastening)

1x Tots Bots Easyfit V4 

1x 100 biodegradable flushable liners

Colours will be usually be white but Baba+Boo may vary
Let us know which wrap you'd prefer and which size you need at the checkout too

Bottom Line: The Hunnybums Help pack includes a pocket, a 2-part and an All-in-one, with a mixture of popper and Velcro fastenings. Makes may vary

Use our Help pack to be a HunnyChum!  Find out more >

Use them for 28 days, then if there's any that aren't suitable, we'll refund 70% of the price you paid for the nappy (as long as they are in good, well cared-for used condition). So you can try cloth with confidence knowing that you'll find a nappy to suit without having to spend a fortune! We've put together a pack that will show how the different types work but if there's another nappy you're desperate to try, drop us an email ( and we can substitute to make your own tailor made pack (there may be a price difference if you choose this option). If you're using a Real Nappy voucher, we can only offer credit rather than a refund. Real Nappy - real easy - honestly!

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